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Send Mail

Use Secure Instant Mail to compose a letter. With participating institutions your electronic letter (email) will be available for printing when the facility downloads the incoming mail, normally within 24 hours. If the institution is not signed up for electronic delivery Secure Instant Mail will print and forward your letter via US Mail to your friend or loved one.

Send Money

Send money for an inmate's fund. This allows inmates to buy things inside the prison system such as snacks, toiletries, classes, or other necessities.

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Service notice for Securus Technology customers:
Effective 12/29/2017, this service will no longer be available for Grand Traverse Co, MI, Hays Co, TX, Lexington-Fayette Co, KY, Ottawa Co, MI, Porter Co, IN or Saginaw, MI.

Please ensure you use your remaining balance for the service before 12/29/17 as no refunds will be provided.

Contact the incarceration facility directly to learn how to continue to communicate with your loved one. Thank you.

Click here for our most current listing of facilities who are currently receiving mail electronically.
All other locations can receive mail as print and forward locations via USPS mail. If your desired location is not listed please create your account, then email us the name and location of the facility and we will add your request to our database.

Please review our new instructions, FAQs, and important policies located under the help link above.

Disclaimer: Due to the many policies and restrictions that prisons place on incoming inmate mail, Secure Instant Mail can only guarantee delivery to the facility. Mailroom personnel have the responsibility of reviewing any or all letters for subject matter and questionable or unacceptable material, if undeliverable, will be rejected. You will receive electronic notification of rejected mail.
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